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Incorporated in 1993, Avaria is one of the most experienced value added service providers in the managed services and technical support outsourcing arena. We are a turnkey IT solutions provider with various technologies and services integrated into our core line of business. Our business is divided in two core lines of services: US-based Information Technology Support Services, both onsite and remotely; and Datacenter based Hosted Cloud services. We offer Managed IT services and Help Desk services to end-users and maintain computer networks, servers, workstations and applications for small and medium size businesses.

Avaria’s singular mission is to provide technical support services, applications and data that is always on… always available.

As a complete solutions provider, we employ technicians and engineers with a wide range of skills sets and certifications including Microsoft, VMware, Digium, Dell, etc. We want to thank you for considering us for your IT needs and look forward to talking to you.

High Availability: Our Technology, Services, and Our People

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Client Apps & Data: Always Up | Always Available | Always Secure

What does High Availability Networks, Servers, and Apps mean to us (and to you!)? At the core of our existence, you’ll find our soul: whatever service we provide, our singular objective is to make your applications and data available to you all the time, from anywhere, securely. We have achieved High Availability data networks through systems redundancy, perpetual monitoring 24x7x365, and constant mitigation against data loss.

That’s the first part of High Availability.

The second part of High Availability People is more literal.
Because we operate in a real world where Murphy’s Law, laws of physics, occasional spectacular crashes and unscheduled downtime happen, High Availability systems may not be 100% available. And that’s when our people kick in: As fast as possible. Downtime is simply not acceptable.
We are an IT firm that works hard for you to make sure your systems always stay up; and when they don’t, you can depend on our people to be available and get the job done.

Uptime: at the End of the Day, That’s What Matters

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Client Apps & Data: Always Up | Always Available | Always Secure

We live, breathe and pursue Uptime for our clients. It’s not a mission statement; it’s the purpose of our existence. Customer data uptime is our responsibility, our obsession. It’s our end-game.

We ask the right questions, examine all scenarios, consider all options and put in the right solutions to mitigate risks associated with downtime. Avaria’s singular IT strategy encompasses this one goal: UPTIME: whether it’s during normal day-to-day operations, or during a catastrophic hardware failure or data loss at Client’s site.
To this end, we employ technologies to create and maintain cold sites for business critical servers and data. We create high availability server and application environments through load balancing, virtualized standby VMs, and redundant infrastructure.
Best part is making these enterprise level services available to our core client: The Small Business. At Small Business Prices.

A Bit of our Technology Service History

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It’s been an exciting journey since September 1993 when we incorporated in the best state in the Union: North Carolina. During earlier years (1993-1997), we mainly supplied hardware to various NC State government agencies and schools.

We bid against major vendors from all over the US (and in one case a major Chinese supplier) and won large dollar deals. But these were all hardware deals, and utterly boring. Plus we were seeing writing on the wall early on. Hardware was becoming a commodity and real fun was in managing client’s infrastructure.

We shifted our focus to Managed Services around 1998 and have never looked back.

Some of the interesting projects we implemented early on were delivery of applications in Microsoft Terminal Services (we’re talking Windows NT and Server 2000 days). You may know it today as ‘cloud computing’. We implemented and sold legacy client-server apps in terminal server environment for service providers, retail customer POS systems, and legal services.
Back in the late 90’s, we also put a local radio station with live streaming on the Internet. This little Jazz station, whereas before had a 50 mile listening radius, started to reach listeners in Europe, Africa, and Australia etc. Practically overnight. Along the way, in early 2000’s, we managed to configure and monetize Microsoft Exchange server to act as a multi-tenant email server, providing hosted Exchange email services to multiple clients with different domains. Today that’s called Hosted Exchange.

These are just a few examples of the spirit and essence of Avaria’s management and our team of talented techs and engineers. We don’t know what ‘it can’t be done’ means and we don’t walk away from any engagement, no matter how complex. Why? Because every time we have engaged, we have delivered.
You will find us to be partners for life. Because we build relationships: one task, one project at a time. We will come through to you one way or the other. That’s our commitment to you.

Serving North Carolina’s Triangle Area and Beyond

We serve companies across the globe from our headquarters in Raleigh.

Avaria’s Core Values

If you don’t know technology, know your managed services technology partner.

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Empathy: We can’t be truly successful if we can’t take care of our clients; if we don’t own and share their concerns and problems. That’s our starting point. Whether it’s availability of support techs when and where you need us, or your concern is server and infrastructure uptime, or data security, we can confidently say that Avaria’s team CARES and we have your back. We have done so for over 20 years.

Sense of Urgency: It bothers us when things are down. It bothers us because computer downtime costs valuable resources and breaks office momentum for our clients. Our client would rather be focused on tasks at hand than dealing with computer issues. That’s why we have built a sense of urgency in our team of help desk techs to engineers and management. With advanced set of IT tools, Avaria’s techs can get to the root of the problem in minutes and not hours.

Constant Learning: There’s no other industry in the world that changes as fast as IT does. Almost on weekly basis, new technologies and new solutions come to market. Coincidently that’s what keeps the whole thing fun. Avaria fosters an environment of challenges, curiosity, learning, working out long-term solutions for a complex world. At the end of the day, every effort we make is to implement the latest and most reliable solutions at our client sites.

Why Avaria?

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One Word: Experience

We know the road, we know the bends, and we know the potholes.

#1) Experience: Since 1993, we have been supporting small businesses, medical practices, attorney’s offices, insurance companies, professional services clients, and higher education clients. This has allowed us to travel on many roads and we know each and every bump in the IT landscape. Being in business for 20+ years brings experience, maturity, and stability. This translates into dependable, durable partnership with our clients.

#2) Diversified Services: Avaria provides support services not only through its US based support staff but also provides valuable services such as offsite server hosting, application hosting, disaster recovery services, hosted telephony solutions and hosted communication services. Almost every service we provide on individual client basis is also provided en masse to hundreds of other clients in hosted environment at our datacenter. So we are experienced in high availability and secure computing.

#3) Personnel: Avaria’s senior engineers, on the average, have 15+ years of IT experience in simple to complex environments. Junior technicians and engineers have 5+ years of industry experience. This translates into fast, accurate and reliable support for our end users.

#4) Unique Infrastructure: USA Offices & Management, USA Datacenter, USA based techs & engineers, India Office for additional backend support.

#5) Fiscal Health: Avaria has been profitable all but two of its 21 years of existence (9/11 was a major shock to our system- we were in the red for two years following that tragedy). With a well-financed datacenter operation & healthy cash flow, combined with debt-free books, Avaria has been and will be around for a very long time. Our fiscal health means we can serve YOU, our clients, steadily & uninterrupted for years to come.

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