Complete DR/Business Continuity Solution

Complete DR/Business Continuity Solution starting at $299/server/mo

Continuously Replicated in Real-time VMs

Infrastructure/Multiple Server Replication and Cold Site Services

Hypervisor-based Replication and Recovery

Avaria provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions for virtualized IT infrastructure and cloud.

This is Avaria’s most comprehensive hypervisor-based data replication solution for VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V and it replaces traditional array-based BCDR.

Avaria reduces your day-to-day management complexity and streamlines your operations, eliminating the complexity typically associated with managing BC/DR software solutions. Many of the manual tasks associated with a typical DR solution are automated with our solutions, reducing or eliminating error.

Replication for VMWare vSphere

Simple VMWare Replication: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Avaria’s managed replication service for VMWare’s vSphere enables automated data recovery, failover and failback and lets you select any VM in VMWare’s vCenter. It’s that simple – no storage configuration necessary, no agent installation on guest required.

Use our replication service for:

1. DR/BC: If primary site (your office/datacenter) fails

2. On-the-fly failover: If you want to do major maintenance on your servers, fail-over to us without losing any data

VMWare Replication Solution without Storage Constraints

  • Replicate single or multiple VMs
  • Use an intuitive GUI embedded in VMWare’s vCenter
  • Protect multiple virtual disks connected to the same VM
  • Recover immediately with the click of a button
  • Support replication of RDM devices
  • View and manage local and remote sites from the same vCenter
  • Deliver consistent protection across your company with the ability to support multiple sites

Enterprise Class Replication for VMware

  • Achieve seconds of RPO with continuous replication
  • Recover applications instantly and automatically, providing RTO of minutes
  • Protect thousands of VMs with scale-out replication architecture
  • Reduce application performance impact to zero by eliminating snapshots
  • Recover from logical or operator errors with journal-based, point-in-time recovery
  • The size of the journal automatically increases and decreases based on the amount of changed data, ensuring protection even when applications generate large bursts of data.
  • Monitor and report with built-in reporting and performance UI
  • Centralized management simplifies tasks, ensuring application availability
  • Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) protection extends disaster recovery to branch offices or environments managed by a single vCenter
  • Recovery validation for live failover
  • Increased manageability of alerts and events with a new centralized tab for better cause/effect analysis
  • Expanded REST API capabilities for orchestration, events and alerts
  • Improved environment maintenance using new VRA tabs and workflows

Multi-tier Application Protection & Recovery

Protect applications, not LUNs! We can group VMs and virtual disks to be protected and recovered together. This provides complete consistency, regardless of physical location on servers and storage.

  • Parallel recovery accelerates large application availability
  • Group VMs and virtual disks into VPGs
  • Maintain all properties of VPGs, VMs and vApps
  • Test recovery, failover and failback of entire VPGs
  • Support VMotion, storage VMotion, DRS and HA while replicating
  • Multi-site replication, protection and migration, enabling the protection of data at branch offices
  • Offsite cloning and backup – create a copy of VMs on the replication site for testing, backup or development, with no impact on the production environment
  • Get application protection policy and QoS
  • Leverage built-in support for VSS and VMWare vApp objects

Complete BC/DR: Replication, Testing, Recovery, CDP, Migration, & Reporting

Avaria eliminates the need to use multiple solutions for your business continuity and disaster recovery needs. All required workflows and functionality are built-in with easy-to-follow, scalable wizards, empowering you to:

  • Recovery reports document execution of BC/DR processes, for easy auditing and reporting
    ‘test-before-you-commit’ function allows test of a specific failover point before committing it, enabling 100% assurance that failover will be successful
  • Failover one or more VPGs through automated failback
  • Recover to a historic point-in-time with journal-based CDP
  • Recover applications instantly, in full read-write mode
  • Test failover, including full remote recovery in a sandboxed zone
  • Migrate workloads to a remote datacenter
  • Monitor with Recovery Time Objective (RTO) reports documenting results of BC/DR tests

Offsite Backup

Avaria’s Offsite Backup increases the usefulness of data that is replicated for the purposes of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). A duplicate backup infrastructure is no longer required for backup, significantly reducing the overhead on the production environment.

  • Automate retention management, ensuring that the following is available at all times per Virtual Protection Group (VPG): Daily copies for the last week, Weekly copies for the last month, Monthly copies for the last year
  • Configure backup start times and target repository
  • Ensure backup or disaster recovery operations are executed as needed
  • Review backups and retention times to ensure business requirements are met
  • Configure reports to be sent on a daily or weekly basis to provide complete backup information

vCloud Director Integration

  • vCloud 5.1 seamless integration including native support for vApps, Storage Profiles, Org Networks, Provider VDC and more
  • Easily replicates between vSphere and vCloud environments

Cross Hypervisor Replication

Avaria’s cross-hypervisor replication service helps:

  • Remove barriers to innovation by leveraging the right hypervisor for any case
  • Migrate workloads fast to new IT infrastructure accelerating ROI new investments
  • Maximize the business impact of new hardware with application migration

Fail-Over for Planned Migrations

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