Maintenance, Management & Troublehsooting

Avaria monitors and reports, in real time and with 24x7x365 alerts, the entire wireless infrastructure, along with WiFi Access Metrics. Alerts are generated based on pre-determined threshold times and Avaria’s NOC team respond either directly to remedy the issue or alerts Clients support team, if any.

  • Clients, upon request, can also have access to alerts and trending graphics
  • Avaria monitors all WiFi/Wireless assets 24x7x365 from its datacenter in Research Triangle Park (RTP) NC
  • Remediation kicks in if metrics exceed pre-defined thresholds
  • Historical data kept up to one (1) year (or longer on special requests)

Monitoring Metrics

Average Client Signal

Average Client Signal Quality

Average Client Signal Strength



All Network Interfaces w/ traffic analysis

WiFi/Wireless Access Point Memory Used/IO

WiFi/Wireless Access Point CPU Utilization

WiFi/Wireless Access Point Memory Used/Processor


Access Points Summary Screenshots

Status of multiple APs in one window pane

Per AP Metrics details

Single Metric Historical Data

AP each Metric Historical/Trending Data

Granular Metrics per AP

More AP Metrics Details

Plan, Survey & Design

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AP Optimization

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Maintenance, Management & Troublehsooting

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