Network Management & Uptime starting at $299/mo

This is the third rail of IT infrastructure. Networks are generally composed of switches (managed and unmanaged), routers, and firewalls. Our services streamline switch deployment, network packet analysis, core equipment monitoring on a 24x7x356 basis, with alerts. We monitor for rogue traffic, traffic congestions and outbreaks. A poorly deployed network, with devices and printers added ad-hoc, can cause constant headaches resulting in printing problems, slow shares or open file permissions. Avaria’s experienced team performs a comprehensive audit and finds and FIXES weaknesses and flaws in the network.
Avaria’s network management services also include backing up config files of your core equipment (firewalls, VLANs, switches etc.) as well as changes/additions to firewall rules (ACL changes, port opening/closing, VPNs etc).

NETWORK MANAGEMENT & UPTIME starting at $299/mo

Network Maintenance, Optimization & Uptime Support

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Network Analysis & Troubleshooting

Network Management Plans include:

ISP Router Monitoring. If ISP’s equipment (e.g. Time Warner cable modem) disconnects from the Internet, we will know before you will and gives us a head start to troubleshooting process.
3rd Party Vendor Management. Case in point: if ISP’s equipment or service is down, it is Avaria’s techs that own the problem and will contact your ISP directly & work with them to resolve outage or speed issues.
Firewall Management. We will monitor your firewall 24x7x365 and will inform you if we get alerts or outages. Avaria’s senior network engineers will manage & implement access rules and ports to only allow authorized traffic. And if there’s ever a need to change these rules and/or open up ports for specific reasons, we will do so on unlimited basis, remotely.
VPN Management. We will configure and monitor VPN tunnels between your offices or to any location.

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